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By April 29, 2016July 24th, 2019No Comments

It is with humble gratitude that Impacct, LLC begins. There has been nothing more that I have been passionate about than helping small business owners. Even as a child, I would long to help my entrepreneur father in his various ventures – a start-up tech company in Colorado that has grown into a multi-national gigantic company, a bar in a small town, a power-washing company that traveled to customers, and a private hunting lodge in Montana. Our conversations were and still focus on “what kind of business would best serve this community?” and “what do you think about this idea?”.

After double-majoring in college and starting in Big 4 in Denver, I was excited about every client that I was placed on. I quickly learned there are multiple ways to do the same process, and every way is slightly unique due to the business situation at hand. I garnered experiences subsequently at every thing from a Fortune 500 to multiple small, growing tech companies, and the same realization occurred over and over: what is the best way to do it here? The answer always evolves from understanding and communication with stakeholders, and may not stay the same after it is built.

I can’t wait to share stories of clients facing tough business challenges, and how we set out to solve the problems together. Stay tuned, it will be a great adventure.