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We Did It Again!

By December 21, 2018July 24th, 2019No Comments

WOWZA – 2018 is coming to a close – already. I was asked today if I was ready for the holiday weekend (that is literally starting today), and my response was “I don’t know if I am ready for today!”. This conversation was at 2:30 pm. I think that sentiment kind of wraps a lot of how this year went – at times we were holding onto the rails for dear life, and at other times, we were sipping a drink through a straw on a beach. There have been so many new faces and opportunities that came our way this year – and as a result, we quadrupled again! Where we used to onboard a client or two a month, now we are doing that a week. We have a SOLID team of amazing accountants who are handling much more than previously thought imaginable, and growing together daily. There have been challenges this year that would have brought me to my knees in the past, and now I feel confident in telling our clients that we can get through them, easily.

Life has been awesome this year. We moved into a physical office location, and love seeing our clients face-to-face there (and remotely as well!). We have enjoyed tighter relationships with our referral partners as we seek to jointly help clients in their individualized situations. We added services and product offerings, and internally, started offering benefits for our awesome staff like a 401K and health insurance. Today I met someone for coffee that asked how thing were and how many staff we had, and his response was “Wow – you are a real business!” I guess I never stopped to think about not being a real business before! But yes, it does feel like things have a sense of permanence now that maybe before felt more like we were still figuring them out. 2019 holds a lot of potential – we foresee the use of more sophisticated technology entering our client processes, the ability to start formalizing both client and staff development, and of course, continued growth.

Personally, the boys are getting older, and it is awesome to see them transform from “kids” to “boys” to one becoming an official “pre-teen”. There have been some ups and downs, but for the most part, things seem to be “getting easier”. Here is to 2019, to which I expectantly welcome an opportunity to “do it again”!!!