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Merry Christmas

By December 16, 2017July 24th, 2019No Comments

So everyone already knows that this year was difficult for my personal life, and got even more so recently when our family dog of almost 14 years determined she was ready for heaven. But the business continues to grow, and our clients businesses are growing, and I have an amazing group of people that expands every day that now includes family, friends, staff, and amazing clients. I can’t ignore that life is still pretty awesome in spite of some challenges that have come my way.

Last year at this time the practice had 6 active clients. We have more than quadrupled in one year. Our challenges now include ensuring we are giving best-in-class business advice, financial expertise, and really getting to know taxes inside and out whether we provide those services or not to our clients so that we are prepared for returns and changes that may occur.

In one year, we developed our process for determining which clients we can help, accepting those that we can’t, and building relationships with those that are just hanging on. We also developed a proprietary process for delivering our services that is a three-step support system to really provide value to new and existing clients. We have saved one client over $500K in expenses that were not serving the business. We provided first-employee services to set up compliance and payroll to a dozen clients. We worked with over 20 outside other advisors in transactions, taxes, legal advice, and consulting to help our clients the best way possible. And we can’t wait to do it again in 2018.

As we look back on 2017 and the tumultuous year it has been, I can finally say I am okay with how it all turned out, even if there were some dark patches. Merry Christmas to all, from myself and the Lindberg Family, and from all of us at ImpAcct.