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Life is a Roller-Coaster

By September 22, 2017July 24th, 2019No Comments

WHEW!!!!! WEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Yes, that actually sums up the last year-and-a-half for myself and the practice. We have grown from an idea to three employees, from a couple clients to a few carefully selected dozen. We LOVE our work, we LOVE our clients, and we LOVE the select industries we serve (trades, technology, and truckers). We feel incredibly blessed and stressed all at the same time. I can’t imagine life any other way right now, and thank every one who has supported us during each step of this journey. Right now, we are working through the “busy season” of extended tax returns. And getting some clients looking at their 2018 forecasts. And others are just trying to make sure they can make the next payroll

The last few months were probably the most challenging I have personally ever experienced. With life throwing an unexpected curve-ball my way in late May, my summer was not what I expected. But because of my amazing staff and clients, I was able to get through things. Thank you. I can’t say it enough, thank you. And now the fall is here, and things are shaping up in another, different way. I thank you again. Things are always changing, that is the only constant. And it seems applicable to the businesses we help as well – every business is unique and goes through similar, but unique, situations. Every fact pattern is different. Every chart of accounts is different. Every process is different. Every culture is different. But together, it gets better and better and better every day. Cheers to all of you entrepreneurs, risk-takers, believers, helpers, and supporters. And thank you.